Wound Measure

A pain-free and highly accurate solution for your patients.

Standard wound measurement practices are highly subjective and inaccurate. Our application standardises wound measurements and consistently provides accurate results. Wound Measure allows healthcare workers to quickly and accurately measure the dimensions of wounds, such as pressure ulcers, burns, leg ulcers and foot ulcers. The application utilises low cost 3D camera technology to provide length, width, depth and area measurements, all with a single picture.


Highway Measure

Speed up your inspections with higher accuracy.

Provides a method of both quickly and accurately measuring potholes via 3D imaging, ensuring resource costs can be kept to a minimum. Traditional methods of measuring potholes are slow and restrictive. Our solution calculates volumetric measurements using a single photo.


Freight Measure

Optimise freight payload when dealing with irregular sized goods.

Definitely not just a box measuring app. Customers tell us that measuring accurate dimensions of freight, particularly irregular shapes, sizes, materials and pallets is a challenge. They told us that significant efficiencies can be found through recording the dimensions of freight. Utilising hand held or mounted low cost 3D camera technology, this point-and-click application can accurately calculate length, width and height dimensions using a single photo. Automatic object detection streamlines workflow and improves overall efficiency.


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